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I did end up emailing Maya and we're talking things through. What a fucking rollercoaster. I do feel good about how I am dealing with depression. I do feel like I have the upper hand, despite how crippling it can be. Onward and onward!

Date: 2008-06-16 09:58 pm (UTC)
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I'm glad to hear you're taking control. Owning the situation -- instead of submitting to it -- is so important. Easier said than done sometimes, of course.

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After your ride i this life the wonderment is how sane you can project being.
From me that's meant as a GOOD thing too. I followed yo here form your post in mtf. A skim of your recents makes me think we'd have things to compare notes on in several areas. That workshop for one... I have trained tech workers on embedded systems that control various Very Dangerous Things. So I was nodding on the disorganic instructor bit. I am unsure if being in one of those sessions as the learner or teacher would be more horrid.

As for the gender games-do read back in my journal as explaining some of one path to "this". Basically "I" feel that whilst some of us are indeed fully needful of becoming other than we were born as- the being certain of it is what defines us. It's an elliptical orbit around the conept of sanity being assured if you are able to doubt your sanity. And insanity being a risk if we ever reach the zone of NOT doubting our sanity.

SO- you doubting the one way ticket of gender is arguably - by MY logic- a Very Positive Step in your being right about your needs.
Best of luck on finding your needs as met.
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Hmm, I think the projection is another step further. First I think I need to assess my actual degree of sanity, then determine what should be projected in order to fulfill goals.
Disorganic instructor? I'm not sure I understand.
But I do like your description of sanity. It's comforting to say the least.
And ps, I'm super fond of capybaras. If another artist friend of mine offers to draw a picture of me, it will be riding a capybara into the night.
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The arduino camera project instructor.

And being ridden? Have to think about that one for implications SMILE
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Right! Her! Well at least she was gorgeous....
And HA! It's always my innocent consciousness vs my dirty subconsciousness.


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